XVI Karmapa intense retreat

XVI Karmapa intense retreat


We’re inviting all those brave and eager for an intense XVI  Karapa retreat which will take place during the weekend of 6th-8th April in Zagórzany. The retreat will be led byTadeusz Uchto.

Zagorzany Sangha Meeting

Zagorzany Sangha Meeting

Dear friends,
We’re inviting you to the meeting of Zagorzany sanga taking place during the weekend of 24th-25th March.

We’re very grateful for your ongoing generosity which helps our center grow and develop for the benefit of all beings. We’re really happy that together we can put our Lama’s vision into life.

VIII Karmapa meditation retreat with Misiek Leszek Nadolski

VIII Karmapa meditation retreat with Misiek Leszek Nadolski

Dear Friends,

On March 2nd, first full moon of the Earth Dog Year we’ll start the VIII Karmapa meditation retreat, after a Pho-wa practice session which will take place just before the course starts. This very day is said to be one of the four special, favorable days for meditation and accumulation of good impressions.

The VIII Karmapa retreat is open to all practitioners who have previously taken refuge with Lama Ole, have completed all preliminary practices of Nyndro and received the transmission of this practice from Lama Ole. The Pho-wa session is open to those who have successfully completed a Pho-wa course with Lama Ole. The lecture on Friday 2nd March at 8pm is open to all interested in the topic.


Nagodzice in Zagórzany!

Nagodzice in Zagórzany!


We’re inviting you to join us during the weekend of 12 – 14 January in Zagórzany.


Friday – 12 January    

7.00 pm                – Supper

8.00 pm                – Lecture by Daniel Wysocki and XVI Karmapa meditation

Saturday – 13 January

09.00 am            – XVI Karmapa meditation

09.30 – 10.30     – Breakfast

10.30 – 12.00    – Meditation session

12.30 – 14.00    – Meditation session

2.00 pm              – Lunch

3.30 – 6.30         – Group discussion:  ‘Living and practicing in a buddhist center’.

7.00                    – Supper

8.00                    – Questions and answers followed by XVI Karmapa meditation

Sunday – 14 January

09.30 am             – XVI Karmapa meditation

10.00 – 11.00      – Breakfast

11.00 – 1.30        – Shared work or meditation

2.00                     – Lunch

4.00                     – XVI Karmapa meditation

5.00                     – After-course cleaning


Please bring your sleeping bags, sleeping mats and some indoor footware.

Considering the meditative nature of this course we kindly ask the parents to not come with children. You’re however warmly invited to visit us anytime between the meditation courses.


Double Nyungne retreat with Renate Scholz

Double Nyungne retreat with Renate Scholz

A double Nyungne meditation retreat, led by Renate Scholz, will be held from 27th October till 1st November 2017 in Zagorzany.

Nyungne is a fasting practice on thousand arm Loving Eyes, open only to those who have already taken the buddhist refuge.

Special Sojong vows are taken for the duration of Nyungne and practitioners promise to abstain from sex, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. Four intensive three hour meditation sessions are held each day. The second day of Nyungne involves strict fasting practice (drinking is also excluded). Additional special requirements will apply and will be explained in the introductory lecture. Special food will be served, according to the practice requirements.

1. Practitioner who have never before participated in Nyungne should arrive on Friday (27th Oct 2017). Practice explanations will be held at 8:00 pm.
2. Please bring your sleeping bags, sleeping mats and some indoor footwear.