Dear Friends,

Taking the advantage of a free Thursday we want to use this long weekend for the VIII Karmapa retreat.

All those who took refuge with Lama Ole, completed the preliminiary practices and received the VIII Karmapa practice transmission from Lama Ole, may take part in the retreat.

As always, we will begin the retreat with a lecture on Guru Yoga on Wednesday evening.

You’re invited!
Zagórzany Sangha



19 June – Wednesday

19.00     Supper
20.00     Lecture „Guru Yoga

20–22 June – Thursday – Saturday

08.00-09.00   1st session
09.00-10.00   Breakfast
10.00             2nd session
14.00             Lunch
16.00             3rd session
19.00             Supper
20.00             4th session

23 June – Sunday

08.00-09.00   1st session
09.00-10.00   Breakfast
10.00             2nd session
13.30             XVI Karmapa meditation
14.00             Lunch
15.00             After-course cleaning fun



Please bring your sleeping bags, sleeping mats and some indoor footwear.

We kindly ask the parents to not come with children during the weekend. You’re however warmly invited to visit us anytime between the meditation courses.


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